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AIOps is short for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. AIOps combines machine learning, data analytics, and many other AI technologies to automate the identification and remediation of common and recurring IT operations issues. AIOps leverages data from logs and event recordings to monitor assets and obtain visibility into dependencies without interfering with IT systems.

Capabilities of AIOps Platforms

AIOps platforms provide the following capabilities:

  • Machine learning capabilities to help in identifying patterns in the collected data.
  • A dedicated data platform for aggregating raw data and logs from various monitoring tools and data sources across your applications and infrastructure.
  • Dashboards, analytics, and console integration help IT operations gain a single-pane view over their applications and infrastructure.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with tools used for IT service management, monitoring, agile development, collaboration, and log data collection, parsing, and ingestion tools.

How Does AIOps Work?

AIOps platforms are powered by algorithms that automate and simplify prominent aspects of IT operations and application monitoring:

  • Data Selection: It collects all the data generated by applications and infrastructure in the form of logs and events and analyzes it. Post analysis, AIOps platforms highlight data that has an issue.
  • Pattern Discovery: AIOps platforms correlate and find relationships between different data elements in the form of patterns.
  • Interference: AIOps determines the root causes of new and recurring issues allowing companies to take proactive actions to mitigate the implications of these issues.
  • Collaboration: AIOps platforms simplify and promote collaboration across IT teams through unified dashboards and intelligent notification systems.
  • Automation: AIOps works towards automating responses to issues and threats as much as possible, thereby making issue and threat remediation quick and straightforward.

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